Farmer Graham Miles, of Exford, near Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, was the lucky winner of the Ford Mustang GT Fastback as part of Sinochem’s “More horsepower with Roundup Ultra MAX” promotion.

Mr Miles and wife Trudy drove the red Mustang CT out of the showroom after being presented with the keys by Sinochem Marketing and Business Development Manager, Dom Bolton.

Mr Miles said it came as quite a shock when he received the call to say he had won the car.

“I didn’t really believe it at first because you get a lot of crank calls these days,” he said.  “You enter in all these competitions and you never win so I didn’t really think about it.  It is really good.”

The Mustang is quite different from the utility Mr Miles usually drives so could take some getting used to.

“I haven’t had a V8 car before,” he said.  “I think I might have to grow my hair a bit longer and put a pony-tail in now, retire and just drive around.   When you get to sixty you have a mid-life crisis, they tell me.”

He said there were quite a few mates lining up to drive it.

The Mustang was the prize in the “More horsepower with Roundup Ultra MAX” promotion, with every farmer who purchased 1000 litres eligible to enter.

Mr Miles said he purchased the Roundup Ultra MAX from the local Bacchus Marsh Farm Supplies last season to control a range of weeds in the fallow period between winter crops.

He said most paddocks received two applications of Roundup Ultra MAX in the autumn with ryegrass being the main problem weed.

Roundup Ultra MAX has been used across a number of seasons.

“Last year it performed magnificently,” Mr Miles said.  “I used twenty litre containers of Roundup Ultra MAX and it worked wonderfully.  This year, seeing as I was going to do more cropping and more direct drilling, I just decided to switch to a 1000L shuttle.”

Sinochem Marketing and Business Development Manager, Dom Bolton congratulated Mr Miles on the win and said the Mustang promotion was a great opportunity for people to try Roundup Ultra MAX and see some of the benefits of this herbicide over other glyphosate formulations.

“Roundup Ultra MAX is a powerful , 570 g/L glyphosate herbicide and it made sense to offer up a powerful car as the prize in the promotion.”

“I’m sure Graham will enjoy driving his new car around the place.  Sinochem would like to thank all the farmers who entered the competition.”


Sinochem Marketing and Business Development Manager, Dom Bolton and farmer Graham Miles, the winner of Sinochem’s “More horsepower with Roundup Ultra MAX” promotion.

Graham uses Roundup Ultra MAX on his farm in Exford, VIC to control Annual Ryegrass and other weeds prior to planting.


Sinochem’s National Sales Manager, Matt Beckett, shaking hands with Mustang winner, Graham Miles, outside his local store.


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