The Roundup brand is always associated with market leading glyphosate products and is well known for reliable and trusted performance.  Now Sinochem are proud to launch the latest in the Roundup Family, Roundup DURA, a 520g/L glyphosate present as a potassium salt.

Like all Roundup products, Roundup DURA has a unique proprietary surfactant system incorporated in the formulation that drives performance. With an active ingredient load of 520g/L, the Roundup DURA formulation is designed for peak performance efficiency with an optimal balance between surfactant load and glyphosate. It is the surfactant system that drives performance of glyphosate based herbicides.

This product is positioned to lead the 540g/L market segment and field trials have confirmed that on a litre for litre basis Roundup DURA will perform as good, or better than the dual salt 540g/L glyphosate that is popular in this segment.

Commercial Manager for Sinochem, Dom Bolton said, “Field conditions are never ideal so you need the ideal surfactant system if you are targeting 100% weed control, that’s what users can expect with Roundup DURA.”

“This shows in its performance; in an independent winter weed trial, Roundup DURA (520g/L glyphosate) was compared against the 540g/L market leader (540g/L glyphosate) and was found that on a litre for litre basis Roundup DURA performance matched that of the competitor despite having a lower glyphosate load”, Mr Bolton added.

Roundup DURA has also proven successful in controlling wild oats. In a recent study conducted by Dr Peter Boutsalis of Plant Science Consulting, Roundup DURA showed superior control when compared to a market-leading Glyphosate 540g/L.

Wild oats produce a large number of seeds, are highly competitive and can easily develop resistance to herbicide when not controlled adequately.  “While glyphosate herbicides are the major options utilised for the control of wild oats, there has been some challenges with weed survival or recovery after application. In order to maximise control of wild oats, growers should use Roundup  Roundup Dura as their glyphosate option”, Mr Bolton added.


Roundup DURA is manufactured by Monsanto in a glyphosate-dedicated facility to international standard ISO 9001 so growers can have complete confidence in the quality of the product in the drum. Growers can also be confident that Roundup DURA is specifically formulated to be compatible with many tank mix herbicides, reducing application costs and time. Roundup DURA is so convenient to use because of a one hour rain-fastness and one hour time to sowing period in specified use situations. This means peace of mind for both the agronomist and the grower.

Whatever the broadacre situation is, be it pre-plant, pre or post-harvest, pasture topping, or fallow spraying, Roundup DURA will do the job, reliably and effectively.


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